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Free Engine Diagnostic

Engine control Unit (ECU) frequently monitors the performance of the vehicle. There are actually many potential error codes that may only be read by specialist vehicle diagnostic equipment. Whereas a warning light could show on the dashboard alerting you to an issue, a diagnostics check is required to understand the total extent and reason for the problem

Many Autos Car Diagnostics Engine management systems present new hurdles for today’s modern automotive workplaces and ECU faults are becoming an increasingly common part of our daily operations. We continually invest in the latest code UK technology to provide professional car diagnostics in UK that rectify a full range of sub-system issues.

Our workforce undergoes regular training with modern equipment to ensure we always meet the demands and expectations of our customers. In many cases, work can be completed on a while-you-wait basis and we always offer fair, transparent and competitive prices.

Our accident repairs in our UK Garage are amongst the best available in the area. As part of the Fix Auto network, we use the latest dent removal and refinishing techniques, water-based materials and SMART repair technology to restore bodywork and paintwork. From a minor dent to major collision damage, we can do it all!

We believe in offering a full service range that caters for every part, component and feature on your vehicle. Fix Auto now provides alloy wheel refurbishment in UK to remove scuffs and scratches from your rims without the need for expensive replacements.

Call us today for servicing work, mechanical repairs and alloy wheel refurbishment in UK.

Free Engine Diagnostic