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Fuel Pump Services

Many Autos technicians team of extremely skilled engineers will satisfy all of your fuel pump modifications or a fuel pump change. The problem comes in trying to choose if a specific fuel pump is capable of delivering adequate fuel flow at the specified pressure and injector duty cycle.

Our professionalism and commitment to industry standards has earned us an enviable reputation that customers can rely on. Call us 01189 876300 for further detail.

Remember that fuel today is very clean but there can be sediment in the fuel station tanks or lines and also you can get small contaminants when filling - paint chips, insects even and so on.

It is recommended to change this filter outside or in a well ventilated area as without doubt you will spill some fuel. If you can isolate the fuel pump fuse/relay, remove and start the car - it will splutter but this will allow the high pressure in the fuel lines to be lowered and should cause less spillage